Our service consists in knowing WHERE and HOW you are in real time. We achieve this by deploying communication networks in hard to reach areas. This allows us to monitor people while they perform their daily activities. We get access to relevant information for rescue teams in case of a potential accident. Our goal is to create networks that save lives.

Some of the data we can gather:
  • Position (Latitude and longitude).
  • Ambient and body temperature.
  • Oxygen saturation.
  • Altitude.
  • Acceleration.
Some applications:
  • Virtual fences.
  • Safety areas.
  • Alerts in case of accidents.
  • Panic button.


Our data processing and management technology provides you with the information you need to forsee and prevent flaws in your operation, as well as manage the timing and movement of your assets.

Some applications:
  • Fleet tracking and management.
  • Detection of flaws in production lines.
  • Personnel safety.
  • Asset monitoring.


We possess the technology and knowledge to provide a complete service that allows for better decision making.

Our equipment is designed to function autonomously. The inclusion of solar panels coupled with a long signal range allows for quick deployment across large crop areas.

Some applications:
  • Weather stations.
  • Irrigation management.
  • Frost alerts.
  • Timely plague detection.


We aim to provide the necessary tools in order to improve overall quality of life. This is done by combining environmental protection, energy efficiency and urban mobility.

Some applications:
  • Public lighting management and maintenance (SmartLighting).
  • Waste collection planning and management (SmartWaste).
  • Parking management (SmartParking).
  • Public safety and coordination systems, panic buttons.
  • Traffic tracking and monitoring.